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RasPiComm Forum is online

Our new website is online!

Have a look at and start discussing or asking questions about the RasPiComm extension board.

You can even win a RasPiComm if you vote on the forum:

1st place: A Raspberry Pi + RasPiComm + OLED Display
2nd place: A Raspberry Pi + RasPiComm
3rd-5th place: A RasPiComm

The winners of the contest will be announced on 01/27/2013.

RS ordered RasPiComms!


RS Components placed the order, we got a slot on Friday (yes, RS has timeslots, you cannot simply send your stuff).

So we already have a UPS pickup organized, RasPiComms will arrive on Friday at RS. No, it is not yet on the RS shop for preorder, no, I don’t know what they add to our price. But the good news is that the RasPiComm will be available very soon!

Big thanks here to LTEK, they “borrowed” us their account, so on RS the vendor will be LTEK for the first shipment. When our vendor account is set up we can sell directly. We had to do this because apparently it takes more than 3 months to set us up as a vendor and thanks to LTEK we do not have to wait until this process is finished.

This week, before the boards arrive at RS, our website will get its well deserved relaunch, so there will be a forum through which we will provide support.

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