Monthly Archives: December 2012

Short RasPiComm status update

You had to wait a long time without updates, sorry for that! We have been really busy with a lot of things including the RasPiComm.

As you probably know we have manufactured our first batch already. Sadly we still do not have the order from RS.

I’ve been to the Electronica in Munich to meet some guys from RS and we found a solution to speed up the process a little bit by placing the initial order through another company which is already listed as a supplier. That is now all in place, the RasPiComm is set up, so the next step is waiting for the order.

When we have the order we can ship the boards. So we are almost there, but I already said that a month ago.

Just wanted to let you know that we are still pushing here, and we are coming closer to shipping the boards. Thank you for your patience!

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