Raspberry Pi and RasPiComm Enclosure

RasPiComm Case

RasPiComm Enclosure

So now here it is: The RasPiComm enclosure. You can download the STL for printing from thingiverse.com:


The case features a slot for the RasPiComm pluggable headers. It also provides a mounting hole for the RasPiComm board where it can be screwed to the case. The hole for the screw has a 2.5mm diameter. I used a thread cutter to cut a 3mm thead into the plastic, this worked very well.

I also added a little nose above the ethernet jack which holds the Raspberry Pi down, see the pictures below.

The cover has a Raspberry Pi Logo cutout for ventilation.

Below you see some photos of a print using the Makerbot Replicator. You will find infos about how I printed the case on thingiverse.

4 responses to “Raspberry Pi and RasPiComm Enclosure

  1. Vicary September 5, 2012 at 8:58 am

    Forgive my words, but honestly… despite the fact that I don’t like coloured acrylic cases, whats the point of covering the joystick?

    Think of people mounting some handy hacking scripts with the ONLY onboard input your board offers, users can make use of this box for some simple hacking scripts without anything but a battery.

    Think about it, I can even do RC things with just a little RPi in my hand, the joystick is too essential to be covered.

    Other fact is, the I2C headers you made available usually means another 0.3 – 0.5 inch of height for many modules, this case is just too far away from practical in terms of usability. I even need to cut a square off from the cover for the OLED screen you made as a sample usage.

    IMO, think twice on the cover design or just leave the top opened as you made screw mounts. =)

    • Daniel Amesberger September 5, 2012 at 9:19 am

      Its red ABS and you can print it in any color. This case is obviously designed for the DIY 3d printer community and mainly if you just use the serial port features, RTC and maybe external power supply via the power header. I for example use the joystick only for testing purposes. I overthink each design I make carefully and also thought about printing a joystick adapter and an outlet for my OLED display. But at the end there are many I2C displays and I cannot make lid-design for every one of them. Also the 3d-printed joystick adapter would be mechanically lavish, cheap 3d printers are not necessarily able to print fine details needed for that. This is a thingiverse project, it is not an industrial design that will be produced on injection molding machines. So this case will not be sold or anything, its a free design you can use, if you have a 3d printer feel free to adapt the design as you need, that’s why it is on thingiverse.

      • Vicary September 5, 2012 at 3:08 pm

        Don’t make we wrong, you did a great job in the body design. Those fine parts like the nub over ethernet port, the RPi will lie just fit in the case. But when people could only interact with the serial ports, it is such a great waste of the board.

        Don’t have much experience in 3D printers, will a flip cover gives more flexibility?

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